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Finding shared housing in Boston can be twice as hard as a typical apartment search. You’re looking for the right neighborhood, space, price, amenities, and lease agreement – plus, the right roommates. So, you need a rental search tool that’s twice as powerful. With Jacob Realty, your gateway to the Boston Pads Roommate Matching Database, that’s exactly what you get: the power of cutting-edge technology compounded by the scope and expertise of real estate agents who have tremendous experience in Boston. That’s why searching for rooms for rent in Boston is faster, easier, and more fun when you use Jacob Realty.

To get started, tell us about yourself on the form below. That’ll create your Roommate Profile, which our technology will use to match you with apartment shares from our database. There are countless listings of Boston rooms for rent to choose from, but we’ll only send you those that match your criteria, including both apartment specifications (like lease length, from sublet to long-term), logistical details like move-in date, and lifestyle habits that affect roommate compatibility. As more Boston rooms for rent enter our database – with many new listings each week – we’ll continuously send you those that fit your Roommate Profile. That way, you’ll be settling into your perfect Boston apartment and bonding with your new roommates faster than you thought possible!

Because we’re not just tech-friendly people, but real estate professionals, we offer more than the right web tools for your apartment search. We also offer the personal touch that only experienced, local real estate experts can. So, if pictures and videos just won’t do, and you need to see apartments in person, stop by our office! We can often show you an apartment within five or ten minutes. And, when it comes time for move-in paperwork, a friendly and knowledgeable agent found in our professional network will be happy to help.

With a team like Jacob Realty and the Boston Pads database, you don’t have to be intimidated by your apartment search. Fill out the form below to see Boston rooms for rent now!

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If you have an empty bedroom in your apartment, you’re probably paying more money for it than you need to. Likewise, if your apartment is going to be empty for a few months, or even shorter, that’s an opportunity to put more cash in your pocket. Despite the opportunity to save thousands of dollars, many Bostonians don’t bother to find a roommate for that empty bedroom or a subletter for that long trip or internship. They don’t think the hassle is worth it. But, with the technology and experience at Jacob Realty, it’s possible for us to find you a roommate or sub-letter almost instantly! And, when you list Boston rooms for rent and sublets with us, we do most of the work for you.

Jacob Realty utilizes the power of the Boston Pads professional network, a real estate technology giant in the Boston area built and run by agents and landlords with over 20 years of experience. Our latest tool is our Roommate Matching Database, which is designed to easily and effectively match apartment hunters with rooms for rent and sublets like yours. Tell us the specifics of your listing, and we’ll continuously match you with potential renters who want the same neighborhood, rent price, lease length, and other criteria, as your listing. Our system is so effective, we can find you a roommate or subletter almost on demand. Then, we can even get you in touch with a licensed real estate agent for professional help with move-in paperwork.

It’s never been easier to dramatically cut down rent and utilities expenses and find Boston roommates you love. Fill out the contact form below to start today!

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