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Move Over Man Cave Here Comes the She Shed!.

Feb | 15
Everyone’s heard of the ‘man cave,’ right? The hidden room in many homes that’s a sanctuary for guys to watch tv and have a few adult beverages. They provide a spot for guys to get away from the hustle and bustle of jobs and family life offering a nice spot to relax and watch a game.

But, what about the ladies? Shouldn’t they get a room too?

Well, enter the She Shed.

One of the hottest trends in home improvement is taking things outside. If you’ve been paying any attention to Pinterest boards across the country there’s no doubt you’ve seen them.

She sheds are a pretty simple concept. Take your conventional garden shed, flat pack build, backyard garage, or even tiny house and convert it into a place for a woman to relax, regenerate, or get creative.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The cool thing about these is the sheds are generally relatively in-expensive, just a few thousand dollars to start. Plus, another great feature is a she shed can be tucked into even the smallest backyard garden.

Most of these sheds are small, just 200 square feet or less. It goes to show you don’t need a lot of space to find your own oasis feet from your home.

The cool thing about these sheds is the sky is limit. Most people choose to keep it simple. Converting a conventional backyard garden shed with a nice paint job, a comfy place to sit, and calling it a day.

Luxury for Less

Or, as she sheds get more popular, really go for broke. Advanced she sheds can include plumbing and even air conditioning. These sheds can be luxurious with plush furniture and incredible features like mini fridges to serve ice cold champagne. Some have a dual purpose for their sheds, offering them as a mini guest house or even renting them out as AirBnbs for extra income. For women who want their own space that highlights their dream design, a she shed is the perfect choice. Having a space that completely reflects their personality provides the perfect spot to relax and recharge from the stresses of life.


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