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Moving with a Pet Cat or Dog.

Dec | 16
Moving with Pet Cat or Dog

Even when moving goes perfectly, it is still an inevitably stressful situation. Imagine how much more anxious your furry friend is feeling with just an awareness that a lot of change is happening and no knowledge of what is to come, or why! You love your pet, so you want him to get through the big move with as little discomfort as possible. Take these tips from Jacob Realty and see how smoothly moving day with Fido can go.

Prepare your animal in the days before the move.

Unfamiliar surroundings are stressful for an animal, so acclimate your pet to the settings she will have to cope with on moving day. If you have a dog who doesn’t spend much time in the car, take him on short rides every couple of days in the week or two leading up to the move. If your cat only associates a carrier with the vet, leave the carrier out on the floor and reward your cat if she approaches it or climbs in.

Have a game plan for moving day

Plan the day to be as short and undisruptive as possible. If your dog is used to visiting with a friend or family member, have him spend the day that you are packing up your belongings there. If you can avoid moving your animal into the new place before your furniture and belongings are set up, then do so. A dog may stay with a friend or at a kennel, and there are cat caretakers that charge a daily fee to keep your kitty comfortable, too.  Otherwise, your animal and her toys and treats should be the last things you move.

You know your pet best – Use your judgement

Ultimately, you know your pet better than anyone. Do the things that you know make him feel safe. If there is a particular blanket or toy that your dog loves, or a brand of treat your cat never turns down, make sure it is available during the process of the move. And remember, even if your pet seems upset, that this is temporary. Animals are resilient. Your nonhuman friend will settle in soon.


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