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Jacob Realty Management Services

Supervisory Services

Boston Property Supervisory Services for Landlords

Property Operations Management.

One more difficult aspect of managing a property is being able to resolve emergency issues when they come up. If something happens at one of your properties in the middle of the night, as an owner it can be difficult to be available around the clock. This is why Jacob Realty goes the extra mile to provide supervisory services in the event that an emergency situation occurs that requires immediate assistance. Below you’ll find some of the benefits this can provide you as a landlord.

On Call Emergency Service

The property management team at Jacob Realty offers around the clock emergency service in the event of an urgent situation. As a landlord, 24 hour emergency coverage is invaluable, because being able to respond swiftly to these situations can protect you both legally and financially.

Managing Issues with Problem Tenants

One of the biggest headaches you face as a landlord is dealing with problematic tenants. Jacob Realty will handle all difficult communication with tenants for you including but not limited to late rent payments, noise complaints, and/or abuse of property.

Remodeling and Handyman Services

Your property is one of your largest assets, and as a landlord you’re always looking to not just maintain it’s value, but grow it. One of the best ways to do so is by improving the property both functionally and aesthetically. We’ll help connect you with some of the best remodelers and contractors in the city so you can maintain the safety of the property and also add value and increase your return on investment.