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Kitchen Space Hacks.

Jan | 10
Kitchen Space Hacks

Boston apartments are unique in every way, and that is especially true in the kitchens. You never really know what you will get when you go to view an apartment. Sometimes photos make spaces look much much bigger than they are in real life and others, you might be pleasantly surprised with the amount of space. If you found the perfect apartment that has everything you need, except ample kitchen storage space, fear not. When it comes to apartments for rent in Boston, compromises must be made. Let kitchen space be one of the things you give up because you can turn your kitchen into a DIY haven of space-saving life hacks. Below are some of our most valued and time-tested kitchen space hacks.

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Living in Boston Apartments with Cats.

Jan | 9
cat friendly apartments

Fortunately for cat owners, finding cat friendly apartments in Boston is much easier than finding dog friendly apartments. Nonetheless, cats just bring different issues along with them, like where to place a litter box. Even though many landlords are more inclined to allow for cats, you are still limited to pet-friendly choices and should begin your apartment hunt sooner than the average renter. Apartments for rent in Boston go quickly and those with pets have an even more competitive market to dive into. Start with your apartment hunt, but then make sure you secure your residency in that apartment by maintaining your cat’s lifestyle respectfully. 

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Adding Plants to your Boston Apartment.

Dec | 28
Adding Plants to your Boston Apartment

If you enjoy gardening or the outdoors in general, living in Boston apartments might leave you with a craving for a bit of nature in your home every now and then. You need something green and growing in your life! In fact, a view of a tree may be your deciding factor between apartments for rent in Boston. Don’t fret. You don’t need to find an apartment with a killer view. The easiest solution to this form of nature deprivation is to put some potted indoor-friendly plants in your home.

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6 Key Steps to Outbidding the Competition.

Jun | 20
making a winning offer in real estate
After scoping out a few houses, you’ve settled on the one you want to call your own. Under the current market conditions, it’s safe to assume a bidding war is likely, especially in Massachusetts. To get a better idea of how scarce the market it is now, consider that single-family home sales in Boston dropped almost 10 percent compared to sales from the year before.
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