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Living in Boston Apartments with Cats

Fortunately for cat owners, finding cat friendly apartments in Boston is much easier than finding dog friendly apartments. Nonetheless, cats just bring different issues along with them, like where to place a litter box. Even though many landlords are more inclined to allow for cats, you are still limited to pet-friendly choices and should begin your apartment hunt sooner than the average renter. Apartments for rent in Boston go quickly and those with pets have an even more competitive market to dive into. Start with your apartment hunt, but then make sure you secure your residency in that apartment by maintaining your cat’s lifestyle respectfully. 

(more…) Every time you search for apartments for rent in Boston, you will want to view as many options as possible in the shortest period of time. The key is to work with an organization that does the most outbound prospecting with landlords. (more…)

Even when moving goes perfectly, it is still an inevitably stressful situation. Imagine how much more anxious your furry friend is feeling with just an awareness that a lot of change is happening and no knowledge of what is to come, or why! You love your pet, so you want him to get through the big move with as little discomfort as possible. Take these tips from Jacob Realty and see how smoothly moving day with Fido can go.


Boston is a large city made up of smaller neighborhoods. These neighborhoods each have unique characteristics and things to do. If you are in the market for a new apartment in Boston, then keep reading for information on all the different neighborhoods that you want to look at.


Whether your boss asks you to move to a new location for a short-term project, you need to stay close by to care of a relative, or you just sold your house and your new property isn’t available yet, you may find yourself having to prepare for a temporary move and wondering where to start. At Jacob Realty, our staff has come up with our top picks for a smooth move that won’t leave you feeling the least bit stressed and disorganized.

(more…)After careful analysis of the rental listings provided by, it was found that the Beacon Hill Vacancy Rate stands at 1.09%. Of the 1373 total listings in Beacon Hill, 15 are currently available for rent. Beacon Hill also has several Luxury buildings, but the vacancy rate for these buildings fluctuates at a greater rate than Beacon Hill as a whole. For this reason, they were purposefully omitted from this study in order to provide a higher degree of real time accuracy. (more…)