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5 Expert Services for Property Managers.

May | 15
5 Expert Services for Property Managers Hiring professional property management services can help you get the most out of your Boston real estate. However, not all property management services are created equal. These are five services that the best property management teams will provide to you and your property. Maximizing Rent & Income Effective property management will help you bolster your the financial returns you get from your Boston property. Whether you own an apartment or investment property, a great property manager will be able to survey the real estate market and then determine the highest realistic rent your property could charge without driving away any current or potential tenants. Effective Marketing To ensure that your Boston property doesn’t fall subject to vacancy rates, your property manager should employ creative, effective marketing methods to advertise your property. Effective property managers balance traditional marketing methods, like outdoor signs and flyers, with newer techniques, such as marketing your property via social networks and email, in order to ensure that your property finds high quality tenants no matter what the market looks like. Utilizing Real Estate Technologies Your property manager should always take advantage of the latest real estate technologies to provide your property with the best services. By analyzing market returns and proprietary software, they can determine important information to boost your property’s performance, such as identifying the best release dates for Boston apartments, and targeting the most effective marketing methods. Property Maintenance A great property management service should focus on improving your property’s physical condition in addition to it’s financial condition. Your property manager can provide round the clock service to your apartment or property, making sure to be on call in case of any emergencies or situations that need quick resolution. Additionally, your property manager should take the time to connect you with the best local services for property repairs and minor maintenance. This can be extremely important in New England, where winter weather can take its toll. Managing Your Incoming Rent Collecting rent and following up on tenant delinquencies can be a pain. By hiring a premier property management service, you can eliminate the headache of having to handle it on your own. Great property managers will help you by collecting your rent for you and giving you a single check for all of your returns. Your property manager can also follow up with late-payments and delinquent tenants to resolve the issue and get you your rent without making things difficult for you. Using a property management service as a go between for you and your tenants can reduce a lot of the stress of owning Boston property without eliminating your income.


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