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6 Preventable Factors That Make Selling Your Home Difficult.

Jun | 28
The goal of every home seller is to find a suitable buyer who wants to close a deal under the shortest possible timeline. A quick sale is ideal, but real estate transactions can be complicated, such as when a homeowner agrees to sell their home contingent on them buying a new home to move into.

If several months pass after listing your home and you haven’t seen the level of interest you had hoped to garner, consider if any of the factors below could be preventing you from closing a deal sooner.

1. Your asking price is too high

Determining a selling price is probably the most important part of the process and there should be a method behind your decision. Compare recent sales of homes close to you that have similar dimensions and offerings such as a pool, central air conditioning or a covered porch. A little research will go a long way in justifying your asking price, especially when negotiations begin.

2. The home listing is missing key information

First and foremost, your listing needs pictures of the house and the property around it. Make sure you’re offering more than just a couple images and that the lighting in every photo is good. Also, make sure to include details about any recent upgrades or new appliances. Keep in mind that potential buyers are getting their first impression of your home when they view the listing online, so you want to do everything you can to draw them in.

3. The house isn’t staged

Before you start showing the house, it needs to be staged. That means removing clutter and possibly some pieces of furniture. Your goal should be to set up your rooms to show potential buyers how big they actually are and how they could design those rooms if they became the new occupants.

On the flip side, if you’ve already moved out, it’s not advisable to leave the house barren. The home should have the appearance of being lived in.

4. You didn’t remove personal mementos

This relates to staging. By keeping pictures of you and the family hanging on all the walls or other personal mementos, you’re preventing potential buyers from imagining what it would be like if they lived there. Make sure to put these items away before showing your home.

5. Too many things need to be fixed

Although you may not fix everything in your home before listing it for sale, it’s best to address as many issues as possible beforehand. The simple reason is that presenting a laundry list of repairs to a prospective buyer can be overwhelming. People may look elsewhere if your home needs lots of work before it becomes livable again.

6. You selected a subpar real estate agent

Picking the right real estate agent is critical to selling your home. Look for someone with experience selling homes in your area and who suggests a listing price that you are comfortable using. Make sure to check references for whatever agent you choose to engage.

Looking at the bigger picture

It’s clear to see that selling a home requires you to address a variety of tasks with precision in order to find a buyer. By avoiding the pitfalls listed above, you will be poised to sell your home sooner than later.


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