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Jacob Realty provides first class service for Boston landlords looking to get the most out of their properties. Our agents are experts at finding qualified tenants for you, and can even provide administrative support and property management services to save you time. By listing with Jacob Realty, your listing will receive maximum exposure on over 90 local and heavily trafficked real estate websites, as well as instantly syndicating your property details to all the large national real estate portals. You no longer have to worry about posting your listing countless times across multiple websites and disparate real estate companies with few agents, with us, it click once and publish to the most real estate locations available on the internet! Our goal is to save you time, because we know that time equals money and freedom to do other things that empower you. You will also receive second-to-none service and support from one of Boston’s premier real estate agencies!

Jacob Realty provides comprehensive support through every part of the leasing and selling process. Our agents can help you set the right rent price by analyzing local market trends so you can maximize your rental revenue or sales price. Once we find the right tenant or buyer, we’ll even provide administrative support by processing all the necessary paperwork, from the lease itself to any specific addendum or selling agreements you may need.

Our real estate team can also provide assistance to help landlords better manage their properties. Keeping up with property maintenance as well as latest stylish layout and fixture trends can be time consuming, stressful and exhausting. We can help by connecting you with local property managers, contractors, interior designers and landscapers who can take the burden off your shoulders. Whether it’s finding a handyman to fix a leak or a maintenance crew to keep your property looking pristine, we’ll get you in touch with the right people.

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Boston landlords experience zero vacancy rates through our comprehensive Boston property management services.

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