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Many Boston landlords are frustrated. We hear complaints every day that they’re stuck playing roommate matchmaker and sublet musical chairs. When most rental property consists not of studios or one-bedrooms, but apartments as big as eight bedrooms, it’s unavoidable. But, the real estate experts and cutting-edge technology at Jacob Realty can make the roommate-centric rental market work in your favor. When you list Boston rooms for rent, rather than listing full apartments, you may get three to ten times more leads, and can make upwards of 30% more in returns, on the exact same property! And, with our Roommate Matching Database, listing Boston apartments by the room is easier than ever.

When you list Boston apartments by the room with our Roommate Matching Database, we match and pool tenants for you based on the specifics of your listing and their lifestyle compatibility. That way, tenants are more likely to get along and stay longer, reducing turnover for you. It’s a flexible system that matches apartment-hunters with listings of Boston rooms for rent and sublets that fit their Roommate Profiles (that is, their desired move-in date, lease length, neighborhood, and other criteria). So, whether you have entire empty apartments, an empty bedroom in a rental that tenants already share, or a short-term sublet from a broken lease, we can find you the right tenant fast!

The Roommate Matching Database, while powerful by itself, is only one facet of a dynamic suite of real estate technologies under the Boston Pads umbrella. Many landlords bemoan the hours they spend maintaining their digital marketing presence and struggling to move listings. With the Boston Pads marketing system, you can get your listings in front of potential tenants through nearly every digital channel in one fell swoop. We have over 80 real estate related websites optimized for specific Boston area neighborhoods, plus targeted social media presence that we use to advertise listings, and our database pushes through listings to nearly all national sites like Craigslist, Hot Pads, Zillow and more. Our system will syndicate your listings to every location that supports each listing’s parameters. There’s no faster way to find tenants for Boston apartments!

With Jacob Realty and Boston Pads, you don’t just get innovative technological solutions. You get informed, personal help from experienced real estate professionals. If you have questions about how our Roommate Matching Database or the Boston Pads marketing system work, give us a call. If you want help from a licensed agent with move-in paperwork after our system has found you a tenant, we’ll link you up with an agent from our professional network. And, if you want to rethink your strategy to move listings faster and make more money, we can help. The Boston Pads database is the largest real-time rental database in the region. The agents in our professional network can help you make data-driven decisions about lease length, listing style, rent price, and more!

There is no reason to go it alone when the industry leaders are here to help make your job as a landlord easier and more profitable. Fill out the form below to list Boston rooms for rent now!

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