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As a landlord, your goal is to to fill empty units with quality tenants as quickly as possible when they become available. If you’ve been a landlord for long, you know that is not always as easy as it seems, as reliable tenants can be hard to come by. You need an agency who can help your listing gain maximum exposure to generate the most amount of leads possible, so you can find the best tenants quickly. Jacob Realty provides just that for Boston landlords looking to fill vacancies in their properties.

We list your apartment on over 80 local and heavily trafficked Greater Boston Area real estate websites.In addition, your real estate listing is placedon the national real estate platforms like Zillow and Trulia. You can also have your listings instantly shared onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. No other agency syndicates to more real estate portals than Jacob Realty. By listing with us, you’re available units will be posted in the widest audience of directories ensuring you get maximum marketing coverage and lead generation to fill vacancies. Simply fill out the form below to list your unit for free with Jacob Realty. It costs you nothing, and you’ll have Boston’s most powerful real estate portal in your corner to help you find good tenants quickly!

In addition to our state of the art listing service, our talented team of real estate agents are experts at finding reliable tenants to fill your vacancies quickly. They provide a host of services to local landlords than can help you with anything regarding your property, whether it’s helping you get the most in rental income or helping you with property management. We make it easy to be a landlord in Boston! Start by listing for free, and connect with one of our expert agents to see how we can help you get more from your property!

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