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Jacob Realty Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Boston Property  Administrative Services for Landlords

Administrative Property Management.

Keeping detailed records on all of your properties can be a tedious task, but instrumental in helping you stay organized and avoid potentially bigger issues. When you work with the Jacob Realty property management team, they will keep detailed records of all of your administrative paperwork that you can easily access when you need. Below are some of the administrative files we’ll safely keep for your property.

Leasing and Sales Records

Our property management team will organize and maintain all important records for your property. They will safe keep all of your receipts, contracts from remodelers, vendors, leases, and any other important paperwork you want kept on file.

Property Notifications

If you need, your Jacob Realty property manager can create and distribute any informative material to board members, owners, or tenants that you normally would send out. Whether you need a regular newsletter or a special announcement, our property management team will handle the time consuming task of creating and delivering the material.

Condo Association and Stakeholder Meetings

Your property manager can plan and organize all major condo association meetings for you, and even attend the meetings and keep records on the topics discussed and resolutions created.

Followup Communication

At Jacob Realty, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate quickly and professionally with our clients. Our property managers will followup with any client requests within a window of 24 hours to ensure that any issues are being handled quickly and appropriately. We will even work around your schedule to ensure that your able to respond appropriately all situations.

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