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Jacob Realty Legislative Compliance

Legislative Compliance

Boston Property Legislative Property Management Services for Landlords

Legislative Compliance Management.

Your property management team at Jacob Realty stays up-to-date on all the most recent Federal, State, and Local real estate laws, and we’ll make sure that you are compliant and meeting all legal standards set in place. If a legal change occurs as a result of new legislation or a new ordinance, you’ll be the first to know which can help you prevent any legal issues that may arise due to non-compilance.

Massachussets Laws and Regulations

Many of the legal requirements set in place for your property are to make sure you’re maintaining a certain standard in quality of living on your property. Many deal with access adequate septic, access to utilities, and fire safety protocols such as smoke detectors in the home. As your property manager, we’ll educate you on these standards, and work with you to make sure your properties are compliant and legal.

Avoiding Penalties and Mitigating Risk

By ensuring your property is 100% compliant, we’re helping you avoid heavy fines associated with violating these standards. This will also ensure your property is kept safe and beautiful, helping you attract the best tenants to fill vacancies when they come up.