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Jacob Realty Management Services

Property Maintenance

Boston Property Maintenance Services for Landlords

Property Maintenance.

Property maintenance is the key to preserving your properties value and beauty. However, property maintenance can be difficult in Boston with the extreme weather conditions we see year round. That’s why Jacob Realty provides landlords around the clock emergency on call service as well as routine maintenance services. By ensuring your property is kept safe and looking good, you’ll be able to maintain the value of your property and keep your tenants happy!

Emergency Maintenance Services

If a bad leak occurs on one of your properties, you could be left racing against the clock to resolve the issue before it ends up costing even more. With our 24 hour emergency maintenance service, we’ll ensure that any issue relating to plumbing, electrical, or leaks requiring immediate attention will be addressed swiftly 24/7.

Snow Removal

Anyone who’s from Boston will tell you how severe the winters can be. As a property manager, you have to be ready to plow out your tenants at a moments notice in the event of a severe winter storm. Jacob Realty will ensure that in the event of bad winter weather, your property will be plowed and shoveled so your tenants can get to out! We offer the same support during the summers with landscaping services so you can keep your property looking spotless.


Jacob Realty can connect you with some of the city’s best and most reliable contractors when you’re looking to make an improvement on your property. Renovations are the best way to add value to your property, and the investment property experts can even help point you in the right direction as to which renovations will help you add the most value so you can increase the returns you see from your investment property.